Shoon McAldrum (peoplewantducks) wrote in tgyh,
Shoon McAldrum


Hi everyone

I'm dying for an insider to tell us if TGYH is going to have a fourth season!

I know I've heard that Working Dog aren't going to do it, but then I saw something (ha, very vague with my sources, it was ... too long ago) that Channel 10 was claiming that there was going to be another season.

!!! I'm dying to know.

plus I just finished watching all of s2 in a row. Ah, memories.
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It has been announced by Network Ten that the series will be back for a fourth season in 2008, although Working Dog, the producers are undecided.

So... maybe? I wouldn't get too excited until the producers themselves actually announce something, but the show's pretty popular so you'd think there'd be a new season out sometime this year. =)
yeah that's the thing I read.

I hope! though i understand WD like to leave the public wanting more - don't want to flog a dead horse.
I thought they'd wanted to stop it before it became stale/go out on top.
Hahaha, your username is made of so much awesome. :D

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I may just have to repeat myself

tyvm :)

yours too!