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with your ex-girlfriends and film projects.

Get This Podcast Discography

Get This was an Australian radio comedy show which aired on Triple M and was hosted by Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee, with contributions from panel operator Richard Marsland. A different guest co-host was featured on the show each day and included music played throughout.

On the October 15 episode, the Get This team announced that Triple M/Austereo would not be renewing the show for 2008. The final broadcast was on November 23, 2007. During its lifetime Get This developed a strong cult following.

Many in this community, I'm sure, would already be familiar with the comedy gold that was Get This, but for those who missed out, I'm in the process of uploading all 162 podcasts and archiving them here on LJ.

( Click here to view & download the Get This discography. )

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